All of us decided already a long time back to do an exchange semester abroad in Australia. We go there as a group, not because we need to. We go together as we believe what we believe. There are many different reasons why we are undertaking the efforts to plan and experience a semester at a foreign university on a different continent.

Cultural Exchange:
We have already visited a lot of cities in Europe, America or Asia but none of us has ever been to Australia. The Down Under is far away from Switzerland but this is precisely the reason why we are so curious about it. By talking to people we understood that the culture is probably very different to the one we live in and we want to learn, gain new experiences and broaden our horizons.

English will probably continue to be the most important foreign language in an increasingly globalized world. Our home country is very small and due to our jobs we are constantly in contact with people and companies from abroad. The key to a good and successful communication is to understand each other. We want to take advantage of our stay and improve our English language skills so we are able to exchange ideas and thoughts with people from around the world.

Travel Experience:
There must be a funny part of course as well! We want to explore unknown destinations and experience what it is like to be travelling around and not to be in a familiar environment for a long time. To see and enjoy the diversity and beauty of nature in and around Australia is what we are very looking forward to.

In short, our aim is to learn to rely on each other, to gain self-confidence and to overcome our own limits.