We are all back at home and would still like to share our favourite moments from our travels earlier this year with you. While sitting here and reflecting, I had the idea to write down what we believe to be our four most important learning we had from living in Australia for almost half a year.

Remark: The following probably isn’t something new to you. But I want to share it with you anyway, as it felt important to me to show that a stay in a foreign country can actually help you change for the better 🙂


Back in Zurich, one can see and feel the stress people go through on a daily basis. Everyone is busy and the vibes are buzzing! Living in Australia taught me that you can live a happy life without earning the most money, without planning your life around your job or your bank account. The balance between the different things in life is very important. The reason I don’t mention “Work-Life-Balance” is based on my belief, that work and life shouldn’t be looked at separately. Too many people are working a job they don’t like and live from weekend to weekend. I believe it’s much more healthier to consider work and life as one big part (as we are spending about 66% of our time on our job…) and find something worth working on.

Say “No”

Many cool things are happening every day. It was (and sometimes still is) hard for me to say “No” to various meetings, events or even breakfast/lunch/dinner dates. But it’s important to do so. Getting a feeling for and eventually listening to your own gut is vital! I will focus on saying “No” more often in situations I don’t feel comfortable enough to say “Yes”, and I hope you can too.

Stop complaining

Australia is a wonderful and stunning country. But beside the natural beauty there were many things I needed to get accustomed to when I left Europe. Having a super-high standard in Switzerland it was hard to adjust at the beginning to Australian, being it culture or mentality. One thing Australians are very good at (*the ones I talked to and made friends with): no complaining. Seldom do you hear someone complaining about little things. And that’s what stuck with me. The moment I stopped complaining and started reflecting on the many different situations every day, I found that there is always an upside to every downside. And it makes life so much easier!

Take it easy

Classic postcard quote. But it’s true. When you take life easy, the pressure starts to fade. Being ambitious is a great trait, but don’t take life too serious. There are moments where you absolutely need to be serious and professional. But don’t foget to look at the big picture and trust the process. Australians are very good at this. It’s not only the surfing lifestyle but also the optimism you can feel when you are around, or have a friendly chat with them.

Self-Awareness is a big thing – if not the biggest thing – to learn in our society. Take your time and go for it – trust me, in the end it’s all worth it! 🙂

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