When it comes to surprises, our trip along the East Coast had many to offer 😀 The idea was to stay in Melbourne from the 2nd of January to the 5th of January and then continue travelling along the Great Ocean Road in a Wicked camper van. This didn’t quite go as planned. Read on to find out what happenend, and click here if you want to know why you better avoid booking with Wicked Campers Inc.

Hey, Melbourne!

Unlike our hostel in Sydney, the one we booked in Melbourne was great! We checked in at the YHA Melbourne Metro on the 2nd of January and got a nice 4 bed dorm – just for us! A bit of research showed, that the city has many different coffee shops to offer – a great opportunity for us to follow our passion (minus Remo, wo doesn’t like coffee [yet])!

As we were tired from travelling, we didn’t do that much sightseeing on the first day. We stopped by the National Australia Bank (NAB) and sneaked into one of their public co-working spaces for some W-lan and chill. We used the time to sort our photos and videos, check out the latest news and just relax for a while. After that we walked all the way to the Botanical Gardens to enjoy the second sunset in the middle of huge trees, surrounded by an insane amount of plants.


Lovely coffee shops

Within the next 4 days we were able to find some great places for food and coffee. As we especially like to share our positive experiences, please find following our two favorite places

Seven Seeds

Enjoying Breakfast at Seven Seeds Carlton made the start of our days easy. Great coffee and food in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.


The team of Stovetop just renovated their entire café and we were one of the first to experience it. The coffee and food go well together and we had a great time there!

Awesome street-art, mate!

Melbourne doesn’t just offer great coffee, but also has some awesome artists in town who spray walls (we didn’t find out if this is legal or not) and contribute to the city’s appearance.

We easily spent an entire day walking all around the city and looking at this beautiful designed graffitis, which can be found on every other corner.

The Great Ocean Road Trip

This part of the story offered another surprise! It’s the 5th of January, the day we intended start the second part of our roadtrip. In total we planned to drive about a 1000 kilometers along the Great Ocean Road, and back to Melbourne. Our plans changed. As we wanted to pick up our camper van in the morning of the 5th of January, it turns out that Wicked booked a camper for three people. But they obviously don’t rent out their cars to normally grown male that often.

The van itself was ok, except for one thing: The front doors couldn’t be closed with the three of us in it. Yep, we are too big.

Not sure if this car is legally registrated for three people (as the middle seat seems pretty improvised), we went back to Wicked, telling them that we are not able to drive a van like this. As they couldn’t offer us another car, we agreed on cancelling and a refund. We were in constant contact with our our travel agency and always updated them on our experiences on the road. Once we told them that another part of our trip didn’t work out as expected, they booked us a free rental car – our Great Ocean Road trip was saved! We further manage to extend our stay at the hostel for another 3 nights and had a great time seeing all this stunning natural wonders along the great ocean road!

The last flight together

First things first: no, we didn’t get another early morning flight out of Melbourne. Departure was set for 5:20pm and we had one last day to explore the city.

On the 8th of January we got the opportunity to visit one of the buildings of WeWork Melbourne, which offered an insight into the modern way of workspaces. After that we went to the airport, where we waited about an hour for our last flight as a group of three.

Melbourne, we enjoyed staying in your beautiful city and highly recommend everyone to go there – at least once! 🙂

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