It’s almost a month now since we are all back where we started. Home sweet home 🇨🇭.
Living abroad for almost half a year changed a lot for us. I just recently chatted with a friend, who currently lives at the Gold Coast, about a book. We got into the topic of travelling, when she mentioned the following sentence:

Travelling is an awesome eye opener

It’s pretty simple but I can’t forget this sentence and can’t think of an easier way to describe what Australia did to me. We visited lots of different places, got to know many unique personalities and, most importantly, we got to know ourselves a lot better.

This article is dedicated to everyone who is thinking about living abroad for a period of time. To everyone who struggles with making the decision to experience something different, and for all the others who feel the fire for travelling burning inside their heart. DO IT.

It is the best way to get distance to all the things in your daily life, and allows you to see them from a different, new perspective. You cancel out all the noise, and focus on yourself.

Personally, it was a life-saver.

Having a full-time job at a high street bank, surrounded by “issues” (which actually were no real problems…) day in, day out, and simultaniously achieving a bachelor’s degree was truly something which dragged me down over time. I felt tired, exhausted and kind of burned out. I finally got the chance to leave this daily pressure. And it was the best decision I made in my life so far.
Seeing things differently now, feeling less pressured by society, and not getting set up by certain circumstances, led to a so much more positive life and mindset. This also makes me confident to get back to daily (working-) life, being excited for new opportunities and challenges.

It always depends on you, if you want to see change or not. Living through such a change showed me that it works, if you let it work. Just go and do. It can be hard, but it’s definitely worth it.

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