It was the last week of Uni when I was originally writing this post. Time flew and we are still surprised when we realize how fast this semester went by. Back in September, we decided to go on a trip that could probably be labeled as “a once in a lifetime experience”. One trip we really looked forward to was the one into the outback, the red center of this stunning country we’ve been briefly visiting.

Why are these flights always so early?

Thursday, 3.30 am: The alarm went off and we met at our apartment to finalize packing our luggage and to get ready for the UBER pick-up the Gold Coast airport. Facing a 5-hours-flight to Ayers Rock Airport via Sydney, we were hoping to get a few hours of sleep in the air. After two smooth flights we arrived and got hit by the desert heat (40 degrees celsius!). Right after landing we got picked up by our awesome guide for the following three days, Chris, to get to our first destination: Uluru aka Ayers Rock.

Uluru Front View

After hiking 2.4 kilometers around Uluru we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset right next to it and got to see some of the wildlife around the big rock.

Uluru Wildlife Lizard

A tour to the outback requires some work from the group itself as well. Saying that, we had to collect firewood to be able to have Chris cook dinner for us.

Uluru Firewood

Nights under the stars

Getting the full experience meant to sleep at a private camping side in the middle of nowhere. Chris mentioned that it is a great experience sleeping outside in so called swags. That’s what we did for two nights in a row and we highly recommend everyone to at least do this once! Waking up to a sky full of stars, next to a bonfire and some beautiful music (Spirit Bird) was such a unique experience and we are grateful that we’ve got the chance to do it!

Uluru Bonfire Wakeup

We also tried to catch a glimpse of the sunrise next to Uluru, but the clouds had other plans . Getting up this was worth it anyway though! As it gets super-hot in the Northern Territory during summer, we did our hikes before noon to avoid the blazing sun and had a nice lunch in the wildness. After two days on the road, we got back to Alice Springs, from where our flight back to the Gold Coast departed the next day.

Uluru Seeya

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