I am writing this post during the last day of this semester . We further have two final exams coming up (14. + 15.12) before we will end our academic journey here at the Gold Coast (and start one of our biggest adventures yet!). After spending countless hours on writing assignments about leadership and human behaviour, I needed change. While scrolling through the pics of our recent trip to the Whitsunday Islands all the memories and great emotions came back, and I want to share them with you 😊

We are sailing…

While Andreas decided to go diving and chase turtles and sharks around the Great Barrier Reef, Remo and myself went all the way up to Airlie Beach. We flew out on Thursday afternoon, which I believe was the first time that we actually have NOT been forced to get up around 3.30 am to catch our flight 😌 and arrived at Whitsunday Airport in the evening. After staying in a hostel , meeting great people and having a fun time on land, we boarded our sailing boat WINGS3 Friday around noon.

WINGS3 Boat Welcomed by our lovely crew – Amanda, Sandra and Steve – we immediately felt like at home on the boat and couldn’t wait for our first stop at the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling is always a great adventure, considering the variety of marine life around the reef! 🐢🦀🐡🐠🦈🐟

Great people & awesome times

Enjoying the boat life, watching the sun rise & go down again and having fun conversations describes best what we did while cruising around the ocean for 3 days. We have been introduced to games that we will never forget and learned which wine not to choose when looking for a delicious one 😜

31 awesome travellers + 3 crew members on a single boat = one of the best trips ever!

Group Picture Whithaven

Sand, sun and water

Besides snorkelling we had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide! Ranked as #1 beach of Australia and #17 beach worldwide, Whithaven offers stunning views on the island it the mass of sand!

Whithaven Beach Our trip ended, back on land in Airlie Beach 🏝, with lots of sunbathing, great food around the Lagoon and enjoying some more time with our new friends from all around the world.

Thanks to all our fellow travellers ⛵️ who made this trip a special one and see you soon somewhere else around the globe! Travel safe & take care! ✈️


Cover photo by our multi-talented captain Steve

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