Remo and myself have enjoyed the hot pre-summer sun in Cairns, a city in the North of Australia. Why have we chosen to go to Cairns for a weekend? Because of a world wonder –  find out where we headed to below! 🙂

Day 1 – Chill-out

It’s in the middle of the night: 3:30am. After about 5 hours of sleep we get up to reach our early morning flight from Gold Coast Airport at 6 am. After being challenged by our airline, as we had a bit of heavier luggage than allowed, we were able to board our 2½h flight to Cairns.

We arrived around 9 am and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Caffiend, a cosy cafe with a great atmosphere to have a typical Australian breakfast.

Smashed Avocado on toasted sourdough with ham

Our next stop was the Hostel we stayed in – the Traveller Oasis. Gabriel and his team gave us a lovely welcome and shared their knowledge about the local attractions straight away. As Cairns is the only (!) place on earth where a rainforest and a reef come together, we decided to visit the rainforest and go on a snorkel tour around the outer Great Barrier Reef on the spot!

After a quick power-nap (…ok, we slept for an hour 😜) we started exploring the city center of Cairns.

Sign-CairnsCityIt was already hot like crazy (in October…) and we had only two choices: head into shops to cool down or jump into the Lagoon. We went for both options and enjoyed a swim after getting some new shirts and shorts :-p

Day 2 –  Crocodiles, Cruising and Coconuts

Gabriel was super helpful when it came to the organizing a rental car. He made all the phone calls and we only had to pick up our car early in the morning.

Our route went up to Cape Tribulation with a stop at Bruce Belcher’s Daintree River Cruise to pet some crocodiles.

Remo and myself have been pretty hungry, so we randomly stopped in Palm Cove. This turned out to be the best decision this whole weekend! Palm Cove is a beautiful little village located on the coast, with a wide variety of restaurants and a beautiful view on the ocean.

After stilling our hunger we continued our drive up North and stopped at an entry point to the beach – and found our first coconut!
We took on the challenge to open the Coconut. 60 minutes of hard work, until we got rewarded with the freshest coconut ever!


Celebrating our success moment we jumped on the boat at Bruce Belcher’s Daintree River Cruise, a family business which offers cruises on the Daintree River to see crocodiles in their natural habitat. We have been welcomed by great crew and got to see three crocodiles up very, very close!


After this exciting day we got something to eat in Port Douglas, before heading back and catching up on sleep 🙂

Day 3 – Visiting a world wonder

Our third day also called us up early, as we had to get on the boat of Passion of Paradise, which would bring us to one of the natural world wonders: The Great Barrier Reef. Our plan was to snorkel at two different reefs and we were super excited to see a great variety of marine life!

We spent about 10 hours on the boat before heading back to the mainland in the evening. Big shoutout to the crew of the cruise. They were super nice and we really enjoyed our time with you!

Day 4 – Flying home

The last day was characterized by the first real full night of sleep. To celebrate such a great weekend, we treated ourselves with delicious breakfast before taking a walk along the coast. Our flight back to the Gold Coast departed in the late afternoon, which allowed us enjoy the Sunday evening with reflecting on an awesome weekend!


Places we recommend to see in Cairns

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