Back home we have decided to rent an apartment and live together in Australia. This was kind of new to all of us as we came from different situations, e.g. living with our parents or on our own in Switzerland. It was a bit challenging in the beginning, but we were and still are positive about sharing an apartment and running a household together.

While hearing about possible confrontations, be it on a personal level about trivial matters or a complete clash of lifestyles, we knew each other very well before coming here and have been well aware of what deal we were going to make. Yes, we had confrontations, sat down and – most importantly – communicated transparently. Because how can we take steps to make living together more enjoyable if you no one knows what’s wrong? Communication is key when living together, be it positive or negative stuff!

How to keep track of  important things

While communication and speaking things out loud matters most on a personal level, we love to take advantage of the latest technology. We want to share with you how we are keeping track of the finances and shopping while living abroad.

💰Finances: Splitwise

Splitwise LogoSome of my friends went on a two weeks trip a couple months ago and had to draw a highly complex chart at the end to figure out who owed whom money. Guess what? There is an app for that 😉 Create a group and add all expenses in any currency you want. You can choose how to divide the expenses (either exact amount, percentage, shares or manual entry) and upload a picture of the receipt. With the built-in payment function, settling up is a breeze!

🛒 Shopping List: Bring!

Bring! LogoBring! is an online shopping list app that gets updated on all connected devices at the same time. After creating an account and a group for your roommates you are ready to go! The app is super simple to use, just type in the name of what you want to buy et voila. They even make shopping suggestions for events and tell you what you could be running low on. Great app, and another big plus: it’s swiss-made 🇨🇭 😉

Yes, we only use two apps to write down what we need to buy and to track our personal- and group-finances!

If you want some tips on how to organize a group digitally, check out our other post about apps!

Have you used one of these apps before? Do you have any other cool apps we should give a try? Let us know in the comment section! ✍🏻


Cover Photo by NeONBRAND

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