…the biggest sand-island in the world!

And it surely lives up to its name. Literally everything, from the smallest grass to the highest tree, is rooted in sand.

There are two possibilities how you can travel to the island: There is a ferry leaving from Hervey Bay and one leaving from the Rainbow Beach Inskip Point. They are not too busy usually, but if you’re travelling during peak season make sure you buy your tickets in advance.


Our accommodation:

We had the pleasure of staying in a Wilderness lodge at the Kingfishers Bay Resort (hotel rooms are available as well), which is approximately 10 minutes from the ferry station by foot. The rooms are clean and tidy, and the food it simple but delicious 😋! There is more or less no internet / cell coverage on the island 📴 You up for an offline challenge? 😉

Lake MacKenzie:

This awe-inspiring lake is probably the most visited natural side on the island. It has the clearest water we have ever seen in our lifes. When the sun is shining it even sparkles in different blue and green shades.
The lake only contains rainwater and the sand is acting as a filter, making the water as clear as it is 💙
Stay there for 3 or 4 hours and go for a swim, it is definately worth it 🏊‍! Or do a front-flip, like Andreas did 😉

Central station – the historical heart:
If you pass this place, go for a short (or long) boardwalk along the Wanggoolba Creek. The water is as clear as the one in Lake MacKenzie. It flows silently due to the sand – if you are not told that there is one you might even miss it. It harbours some species of transparent fish, as well as eels and turtles. You may find some spiders (don’t touch them 🙅!), lizards 🦎and a lot of beautiful exotic plants as well.

Champagne Pools and the 75-Mile Beach:
Drive along the beautiful 75-Mile Beach ocean highway – it is an awesome experience! You can stop wherever you want to take photos or enjoy the breathtaking view. You don’t want to swim here because of the sharks, the strong currents and other dangers (hello deadly jellyfish). Swimming officially recommended if you have a death wish only.

However, the drive is definitively worth it!

Go about 100 km north and you can go for swim in the beautiful Champagne pools, located between Waddy Point and the Indian Head. They are formed by volcanic rocks and keep all dangers out, therefore the only official place on Fraser Island where swimming in saltwater is allowed. The pools are constantly fed with fresh water by waves crashing over them, giving the water a fizzy appearance – hence the name.

Along the drive there is some sightseeing to be done as well. The famous shipwreck of the SS Maheno for example. Take a snap if you can!

Next up is Eli Creek. It’s the largest freshwater creek on the eastern side of the island. The water is crystal-clear and drinkable. You can drift along the lower reaches of the creek – quite frest but cool 😎
Our recommendation: Bring some inflatables and be there early in the morning. It will be quite crowded after midday.

If you prefer hiking and want to have a beautiful view, climb up Indian Heads. With a little luck you can see turtles, sharks, rays and other animals from the cliffs – just enjoy that breathtaking view 🐢🐳😍

Air Fraser:
Air Fraser is offering scenic flights, using a part of the 75 –Mile beach as an airstrip. We went on a 20-minute flight from the East beach over Lake McKenzie and back. While flying over the ocean we could see humpbacks on their way back southwards. Absolutely recommended! It offers you a unique view of the island and the beach used as airstrip is something special. And guess what? It is only 80$.

Cooldingo our Tour Guides:
If you don’t want to travel on your own you can book a tag-along-tour. Or, go with the Cooldingos like we did, and highly recommend. Not only are they super well organized but also highly motivated. Big shout out and thank you to our personal guide Dave at this point. His huge knowledge of the island and humorous comments had us wondering and laughing all day! If you ever get to read this, Dave, please have a “cup of happiness” on us. Hands down the best guide we ever had on any tour this far!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Fraser Island..

  1. Thanks so much for this story, Eveline. Fond memories come back to me. Fraser Island is my favorite and was my most visited spot in Australia while living there for six years. Every visit is a little different and every time so amazing. I continue to recommend it to every one who is going to Queensland…


    1. It was a pleasure to write about it. This island is really a magical place. I hope I can go back one day. It’s absolutely worth the visit!


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