We’ve been told that we absolutely need to visit Byron Bay, and now we know why! Two weeks ago we had the chance to enjoy a great time there and we loved it! This place offers a wide range of activities, shops and great cultural insights into the Australian Lifestyle.
We stayed at a lovely hostel called “Byron Bay Beach Hostel“, which is just a five minute walk from the beach. And for that it truly is in good condition.

Our personal hotspots:

Lighthouse Trail

On Friday which was our arrival day we made a three hour hike up to the lighthouse. On this walking track you will have the chance to take some really awesome shots.

Due to the nice and hot weather we took a swim in the sea first with its great waves to cool down. That was great!

When you walk up to Cape Byron you might see some whales or dolphins crossing.

Byron-Bay Most Easterly Point

After seeing twos giants humpback whale we continued our trip to the most easterly point of Australia. Up there you will have a wonderful view and a great scenery. At the lighthouse you are able to see most of Byron Bay while enjoying delicious ice cream, yummy 🙂

Byron-Bay Lighthouse

Sport activities

Byron Bay is known for surfing and their stunning beaches all along the coast.  As a result we took our first surf lesson with some awesome surf teachers. I can promise you this was for sure not my last one 😉

Kayaking with dolphins and stand-up puddling are just some of other activities to enjoy in Byron. There is also a skydive for the adrenalin junkies.

Down town

Since everything is within 30 minutes walk, you best travel by foot. The Jonson Street is the most famous one and filled with nice restaurants and shops to buy stylish cloths. Not only the contact with the locals but the whole bunch of lovely coffees and the farmers market have their own peculiar charm as well. The residents are open minded and talkative and will give you an insight on their rather easy going lifestyle.

As ¾ our team is obsessed with coffee ☕️ we are unable to pass any town without looking for the best coffee available. After a bit of research we found a wonderful cafe – the Bayleaf Garden.

Bayleaf Garden Coffee Shop

We had delicious breakfast including tasteful coffee there and it is an obligation to try the banana bread there – it is just that good! 😍

Fisherman’s lookout

On our last day we got up at 5am (more or less) which was quite the challenge. Luckily it was all worth it.  We have spontaneousely chosen the Fisherman’s Lookout due to the fact that we were running late (Getting up after a marathon of UNO games the night before is hard! 😂).  We recommend to go up to the most easterly point of Australia to get the full experience. 🌄

Byron Bay Sunrise

Personally speaking I will definitely come back to Byron, since it has it’s own charm and there are great people around there!


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