We always knew life as a full-time student would be completely different from the one we know as part-time students. It definitely is.

Back at home we work four days a week and study for two. Here at Bond University we study for three and have a four-days weekend 🙌. Different from HWZ our classes last for two hours only, and not four. This makes it easier to stay focused, but you have to be there. Back at home you don’t have to attend every class. If you just can’t make it from time to time or are to exhausted on some days you can go home and relax. At Bond your attendance rate is a part of your mark in some subjects, so most people come.

We have a lot more free time here and spend it on activities like sports (our university has a great fitness and sports center with a lot of free courses like yoga, boxing, cycling, tennis, soccer etc. – stay tuned for a separate post on this 😉), travelling, meeting other students, cooking together and so on.

You also get more time to accomplish assignments. It’s much more motivating if you can leave school at 3pm, go for a walk, stroll up the beach and sit down and study in the evening without getting stressed. We have access to a well-equipped multimedia learning center (open 24h/7 days a week) and the library, providing us with the perfect environment for doing so.


It is also much easier to live a healthy and diversified lifestyle. We have enouth time for cooking, shopping fresh products, follow a sport programm and you always get enough sleep 😴. In Switzerland we had to run from one meeting to another, work for nine or ten hours a day and additionally attend classes in the evening. There was not much time left for things like sports or social life, which can be frustrating and exhausting.

The best part about being here is obviously the four-days weekend. This offers us the possibility to not only travel around Gold Coast but also explore its wonderful surroundings 😎 (of which there are plenty, i promise you! See our instagram 📸 if you want to see our best bits!)

We are by far more relaxed and more perceptive than at home. As we know that our life as full-time students will only last for three more months we are trying to make the best of it and enjoy this to the fullest.
Besides knowing that it will be pretty hard to go back to old habits, we can all agree on that doing this exchange semester was a great decision, if not the best we have made yet.

bond_uni.jpgSee you around campus!


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