We arrived in Australia a bit more than two weeks ago – time flies! – and we have seen a lot already!

The beginning is always hard

Living in a new country, on the other side of the world, with the exact opposite of your known daily life, can be hard. Can.

Our first weekend started with the basics: grocerie shopping, cleaning and relaxing. Our pit-stop in Singapore 🇸🇬, which we did to get accustomed to the new timezone, was awesome! But the jet-lag was still there. Therefore our first decision was to have a good nights sleep (full 12 hours) to rocket-start our new way of life Down Under.

We also experienced something unplanned rather early during our stay: seeing a hospital from the inside. And I was the one who also got to know how surgeries work here 🚑. – Mike

Orientation week

We kicked off our career at Bond with the orientation week (o-week). It is a week full of information events, parties and day trips to get to know the campus and the student life at Bond (ok, mostly parties 😜).

After attending the Sandstone Social Party, the Recovery BBQ, the pool party and the back-to-school party, the day had finally come:


Back in Switzerland, your schedule is layed out for you the moment you sign up. Getting the chance to chose which particular subjects we wanted to enroll in, was new to us. Minimum criteria for study abroad is 20 ECTS, so we had to chose at least 3 subjects and got to pick the most interesting ones out of a big range of courses.

Beside Leadership, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, we also signed up for Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour which is not really related to our main studies, but very interesting for us as future leaders (it is also fitting our weekly timetable, which allows us to have a lot of free-time to do sports 🚴‍♀️, travel ✈️ or just enjoy the sea 🏄‍♀️🏊).

It is nice being able to relax a bit, for we all are used to working 34 hours while attending 16 hours of classes per week back in Switzerland 🇨🇭.

The weekend(s)

… are what we enjoy the most! We’re really enjoying travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. The Gold Coast is offering a lot of different things to do and see and we decided to firstly visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to make pictures with – guess what! – Koalas 🐨 and Kangaroos!

After ticking the first must-see-location off our list we enjoyed the rest of the day with good coffee and ice-cream at the beach.

The next weekend is approaching and we are super excited for our 3 day-trip to Byron Bay with other students from Bond.
Be sure to check out our Instagram account as well, where we will post more awesome pictures and stories from down under 😊

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