Life can change its direction pretty fast. While one can only read quotes about life changing experiences, we are not able to predict the exact moment our lifes really change. The last 48 hours have changed mine pretty much.

We arrived in sunny Brisbane last Friday and even as fast as we moved into our apartment, I was forced to leave it again for a short and painful hospital stay.

Whilst writing this, my surgery is no more than 24 hours ago. I am back in our apartment, but I am still feeling the pain all over. Painkillers are life-savers!

Monday Morning Pain

It all started at the begin of our first week here at Bond: The Orientation Week.
I woke up at 5 am due to heavy stomach-ache, thinking that my body is probably adapting to the climate, the food and the new environment. During the day I did not feel that bad. We started by getting our student IDs and completed various administrative tasks.


After dinner, the pain started to increase. As I have been very tired, I tried to go to sleep. This was impossible due to the pain getting worse. At 10 pm I decided to inform my peers and shortly after Remo accompagnied me to the nearest hospital. Our UBER driver told us that the waiting time should not be that bad this night, so I was positive that I will get my treatment soon.

Paramedic experience

As I have done my obligatory civil service at the Red Cross of Austria – as a paramedic – I was able to identify what’s wrong with my body. Having this heavy pain in the right bottom of my abdomen and being unable to draw up my right knee I assumed that I probably have a problem with my appendix.

7 hours of waiting

The waiting time was horrible. We arrived at around 11 pm in the emergency department of the hospital where we had to fill out more than five forms with my details and before receiving pain killer we were obliged to pay for the emergency costs. After doing the administrative work, seven (!) hours of waiting  followed. I had already been tested several times until the surgeon arrived at 6:30 am for the final evaluation. After the surgeon diagnosed me with appendicitis, everything started to speed up. Almost an hour later I was already getting prepared for the surgery.

After a two-hour sleep I woke up in recovery. Transfer to my room followed shortly after, where I stayed the next 24 hours.

Already feeling better


After the surgery, and 24 hours of recovery, I already feel much better. However, I still struggle with my daily life. I can not move much for now, as I still have pain and I will have to spare myself for the next 6 weeks.

I want to use the last paragraph to give a big shoutout to Remo, Andi and Eveline. They were there for me when I needed them the most. Glad to have you by my side!


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