While one quarter of our group already stayed a few days in Singapore, three of us arrived a week ago on a sunny Tuesday morning in Singapore. This is our first and only stop on our journey to Australia. We chose to stay a few days in Singapore to get used to the climate and the new timezone 🙂


Jetlag Ahoi!

After our early morning arrival we checked in to our room at Mandarin Oriental Singapore and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the hotel pool, including some quick naps. After recovering a bit we discovered a nice place to eat, called Makansutra, where we enjoyed tasty asian cook-it-yourselve food.

After our first dinner in Singapore we literally fell asleep right after and woke up to a morning swim on Wednesday, enjoying the view after diving into the refreshing water.

After our morning workout we tried our first 5 Star breakfast (it was delicious!) and used the day to explore Singapore and its culture. We have been really excited about trying a fish pedicure and that’s what we ended up for:

Time to leave

We have just arrived two days ago and it’s already time to depart. We had to catch an early morning flight to Brisbane, but so many people told us to experience the gardens by the bay during nighttime, so we did! (Fun Fact: the trees get light by solar power which they gather themselves during the day)


Thank you very much Singapore for your hospitality, we enjoyed it pretty much and will be back for sure!


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