First, thanks for visiting our blog! Let’ me introduce myself shortly; my name is Eveline and I’m a 24 years old economics student from Switzerland.
Together with my colleagues I will do an exchange semester at the beautiful Gold Coast located in Australia. I’m especially looking forward to explore the Australian nature, its animals and the culture there.
I’m also curious about the university we will stay at. In Switzerland, our universities aren’t that big so I’ve been wondering how life is like if you’re together with thousands of other students.
Making new contacts and having an exchange with other students from abroad is something I’m very looking forward to. In Switzerland we have a very stressed culture and are highly focused on work.

Meeting new people and gaining new experience will help all of us to broaden our horizons and change the way we think.

Once we finish University in December I’ll travel to Sydney and meet friends from Switzerland to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In January, we’ll travel around New Zealand, something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Travelling is a passion of mine. Another is doing sports. It’s part of my everyday life and I need it to have a good balance between university, work and private life.

My friends are calling me “the coffee addicted” 🙂 I really love it and I’m super curious about the coffee in Australia and New Zealand. If you know a good place to enjoy a cup of, let me know!
It’s a privilege to be able to experience such an exchange and I will enjoy the long summer and be open for new experiences and adventures.

I’m happy to share my experiences with you 🙂
Let me know if you want to know anything else about me!


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