My name is Michael but most of my friends call me Mike. 🙂

I am 25 years old and I have many different fields of interest.

I believe that change is great. Change is the trigger for new experiences and situations in which growth can happen. That’s why I have done several things in my life already.

Currently I am living in Switzerland for bit more than two years, after having called Austria my home-country most of my life. After finishing my basic education in the country of the Alps in a small village, I was not challenged anymore and starving for something new. I wanted to combine practical experience with ongoing increase of theoretical knowledge. This is one of the reasons why I’ve had many jobs in my life already. Beside working as a press photographer where I gained much experience in talking to people, I worked in a start-up company for new technology and finally moved to Switzerland where I am working for a High Street Bank, helping to implement big, international projects in a constantly changing environment.

Internationality is a big part of my daily life. I truly believe that we need to adjust our perspective repeatedly in order to get the full picture – no matter in which stage of our lives we currently are. To travel is something we can use to do so. Visiting new countries and cities, meeting new people and learning from various experiences is something I highly appreciate.

I am also highly interested in leadership. Accompanying others is something I really enjoy. Seeing that people can grow and go beyond their limits they set themselves is truly strengthening and motivating myself.

Looking forward to my exchange semester in Queensland, Australia I am happy, nervous and excited to get new impressions and learnings. Especially diving with sharks, learning to surf and gathering the experience of being part of full-time study group are things I am really looking forward to.

I am excited to share all the experiences we make with all of you 🙂


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