Still in Switzerland we are waiting for the day of departure (which is only about 50 days away) and we already use a bunch of apps to organize our big trip. As there are thousands of apps we would like to share our experience with our top 5 we use to prepare for Australia – beside WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram 😉

1. Evernote
Logo EvernoteThe App whose logo is characterized by an elephant, linking to their brain capacity and ability to remember everything, is helping us staying organized and up-to-date at all times. We are collecting information, to-do lists and ideas there, which enables full transparency on different topics.

2. Scanbot
Logo ScanbotThis app is super useful if you have to scan travel-documents or want to save offline-documentation on your dropbox or other cloud services. The biggest advantage we see is the intuitive user-interface and the efficient work-flow which makes it comfortable to scan, save and sort files on the go.

Logo DropboxDropbox is keeping our files in sync! We store literally any file thatis important to our stay in and around Australia in our dropbox, where all of us have access. We absolutely love the full integration for Scanbot and Evernote. These make our lives a heck of a lot easier (with regards to file-sharing 😉 )!


Logo Maps.meThere are a lot of super detailed, high-tech maps out there, but most of them become useless as soon as you don’t have internet. offers exactly this function – offline and for free. If you’re constantly finding yourself lost in a city without a wireless connection. It also features navigation to sights, landmarks, restaurants, etc. as well as the possibility to save your bookmarks.


Logo WiffinityBeing online is a crucial part of our generation’s daily life. It is essential that we can connect to each other as well as the world to stay organized and up to date. Wiffinity is offering a map of WiFi Hotspots available nearby and lets us connect without taking our credentials or private data due to unsecured network usage.

These apps are our top 5  – do you have any apps you use and want to let us know about it? Drop us a line  in the comment section or send us a message 🙂

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