Hi there 🙂

My name is Remo. I’m a 24 years old economics student from Switzerland who is really looking forward to starting his exchange program in Brisbane, Australia. The exchange will start in September 2017 and I can’t wait to explore all the hidden places and new cultures. In the past I have travelled mainly around Europe and America, but so far I haven’t been to Australia. Hence, it’s a dream come true with my upcoming five months stay in Down Under. Besides the university experience I am most excited to explore Australia’s unique scenery as well as the wildlife such as koala bears, kangaroos and sharks. Seeing sharks might be dangerous and frightening, but it will as well as be a rewarding experience which I will never forget.

Another passion of mine is golfing. I have started to play golf when I was 13 years old. Luckily I live close to a golf club with plenty of space to train and play. Being outside in the countryside and playing golf gives me the energy needed for my busy daily life. Undoubtedly the mental part of golfing is the most difficult one. You really have to focus on each swing.  On the golf course you get to know a lot of interesting people with whom you can enjoy a cold beer after a more or less successful round of golf. You should try it out – the golfing and the cold beer ;).

Summer is my favourite season, given this I’m more than thrilled to not only enjoy the summer here in Europe but also to experience the summer in Australia. The fact that I can enjoy seven months of summer is terrific 🙂  By the time I return to European winter I will hopefully have a nice and healthy tan.

The sun gives me power and motivation to leave my comfort zone and to do things, which I haven’t done before. I will keep you in the loop, what kind of adventures I will experience in the next months…

Within the following weeks my friends and I will post packing lists and other useful information which can be helpful for all exchange students.

We will keep you posted.



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